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At Ego/Eco, we inspire people to move towards a higher sense of well-being, to live differently, more in line with their values, all the while contributing to the development of an eco-responsible society. 


Égo / Éco is inspired by Joanna Macy and "The work that reconnects". She is ecophilosopher, author and specialist in Buddhism. She sees the path of an activist as a spiral where 4 phases interconnect. First, we must have gratitude, then recognize our suffering for the world and live the emotions that are connected to it, which will allow us to see with new eyes and move forward by taking concrete actions to contribute to social changes.


She says that it is essential to work on 3 different levels to achieve what she calls "The great turning" to the global situation. We need to change structures, take action and change our eyes. Experiential in character, this practice brings out our eco-consciousness and mobilizes us to contribute to global change.

Psychobody approch 

In theater and movement workshops or interiority, the starting point is to develop body awareness since it allows us to recognize our emotions and our needs. The basics of Qi Gong are taught and brings more presence to ourselves, to others and to our environment. We can then feel our anchorage, our strength and our flexibility, this presence helps us to set our limits and face the difficulties that life present to us.​​


Isabelle stands out for her unique approach that integrates art, body and nature. Graduated in education, in intercultural cooperation, trained in science of religions and psychocorporal therapy (1500 hours). She chose to equip herself more by wanting to integrate social art into her work by doing a Bachelor's degree in Theater and Development from Concordia University where theater is taught to be a tool for personal and social transformation. In her early twenties she made several stays in international cooperation programs. Subsequently, she set up and guided two initiatory trips to India, an interdisciplinary study project on pilgrimage with a professor from UQAM and organized a march for peace with Tibetan refugees at the end of the year. 2000. She was then an animator for spiritual life and community engagement and intercultural worker in a Cégep for 10 years, she accompanied hundreds of students by creating group workshops integrating theater and the psychocorporal approach. so that they develop a greater knowledge and presence to oneself, freedom of expression, acceptance and empowerment. Since 2014, Isabelle has specialized in ecopsychology by following additional training such as Work That Connects with its founder Joanna Macy, a course on Practices and principles of deep transformation: Laying the groundwork for an ecological civilization with Jeremy Lent as well as training in therapy supported by nature accredited by the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. In 2017, she founded Égo/Éco*, a social enterprise and guides workshops and wilderness retreats to support personal transformation and encourage collective emergence towards ecological transition. His ecopsychological practice integrates healing work and a change of vision. She has collaborated with different permaculture schools in Quebec such as Mycélium and P3 and internationally and Atitlan Organic in Guatemala where she offered workshops and social permaculture retreats and with Metta Earth in Vermont an improvised movement retreat as a tool for transformation and as a practice of emergence. In addition to the training in Integrated Ecology that she offers in collaboration with the writer and philosopher Jean Bédard, Isabelle offers workshops and retreats on the Work That Connects, improvised movement in nature, contemplation, the "Quest for meaning, work and life project" and ritual theater in a group or in individual accompaniment with her. Her 25 years in psychosocial intervention, practice in improvised dance, authentic movement, meditation and qi gong bring a quality of presence to her approach. She is also a teacher in counseling at the Équilibre et Détente massage therapy school and a part-time student at UQAR in artistic creation.

Sageterre farm

The training will take place at the FUSA Sageterre in Bic in the wonderful Bas du Fleuve region. Anchored in its environment since 2004, the Sageterre farm became an agroecological social utility trust (FUSA) in 2019. Sageterre is a FUSA, but also a non-profit organization (NPO Sageterre) that oversees agricultural, artistic, philosophical and social projects, the first in Quebec. Legally, Sageterre is not the property of anyone, but is under the responsibility of a board of trustees (who see to the ecological and social mission in perpetuity), of particular beneficiaries (project managers) and general (everyone) .

Terms and conditions

*Only a french version is available, an english version is coming. We apologize for that.


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