At Ego/Eco, we inspire people to move towards a higher sense of well-being, to live differently, more in line with their values, all the while contributing to the development of an eco-responsible society. 


Égo / Éco is inspired by Joanna Macy and "The work that reconnects". She is ecophilosopher, author and specialist in Buddhism. She sees the path of an activist as a spiral where 4 phases interconnect. First, we must have gratitude, then recognize our suffering for the world and live the emotions that are connected to it, which will allow us to see with new eyes and move forward by taking concrete actions to contribute to social changes.


She says that it is essential to work on 3 different levels to achieve what she calls "The great turning" to the global situation. We need to change structures, take action and change our eyes. Experiential in character, this practice brings out our eco-consciousness and mobilizes us to contribute to global change.


Social entrepreneur, social artist and bodypsycho therapist, Isabelle Fortier is the Founder of Ego/Eco.

For nearly 10 years, Isabelle acted as a spiritual life and community involvement facilitator at a CEGEP where she offered several training programs related to relationship counseling, stress management, conflict management, bereavement and intercultural relations. She has created several social art projects including an intercultural theater education program that has been presented in various conferences in Quebec and France.

Desiring that her approach evolve to be more connected to Nature, and attaching great importance to artistic exploration as a tool for personal and social progress, she founded Égo/Éco as a social enterprise that unites self-transformation and collective emancipation.

Her approach is influenced by her Bachelor's degree in Intervention Theater and her studies in education, international cooperation, psycho-physical therapy and permaculture. She draws on Joanna Macy's work, Augusto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed, and her 20 years of improvised dance practice. Meditation, Qi Gong and authentic movement bring a quality of presence to her approach.

Sageterre farm

The Sageterre farm aspires to create a fair, equitable and ecological lifestyle and focuses on food security and self-sufficiency. It is a place to experience an ecological lifestyle in every sense of the word: from a personal sense of balance, to our relationship with nature and our social commitment. Jean Bédard and Marie-Hélène Langlais are co-founders of Sageterre and welcome us with love and generosity. Marie-Hélène takes care of all our needs and cooks us delicious meals with the produce grown on the land. Jean is a farmer but also a writer and philosopher; he delights in guiding our work in the garden as he shares his philosophical insights.

The farm is located at Bic in the river basin a few kilometers from Rimouski. Our facilities are located a few minutes walk from the river where beautiful sunsets may surprise.


Mylène Paquette
Rameuse océanique et porte-parole de Égo/Éco
Jean Bédard
Propriétaire Sageterre Fermier, philosophe
Alexandre Phanor
Consultant en gestion et marketing
Victoria Rodriguez
Web designer 2018 , chanson thème et stage en coordination 2017
Lizzy Landers
Stagiaire en action culturel Été 2018
Camille Rose
Artiste invitée
Récits de moments qui relient. Août 2018
Manuel Shink
Réalisation vidéo
Pierre Robichaud
Co-facilitation Vivre autrement: Du rêve à la réalité 17-18
Nadia Cicurel
Co-Facilitation Théâtre de transformation
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