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Égo/Éco offer workshops and retreats in nature to take time to reflect on ours personal and collective issues. We hope it can help to clarify the contribution we want to give at the living community. 


It can be in town, in the forest or on an organic garden, Ego/Eco  guide people to explore: 


Creativity trought art exploration

Présence to yourself by corporal awereness meditation and qi gong

Connexion avec la nature by outdoors and organic farming

Relation to others by community living, co-creation and collective intelligence 

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A panoply of activities combining ecopsychology, social art and interiority.

Work that Reconnects


This practice of ecopsychology allows us to rethink our relationship with nature by developing an awareness of the interdependence of living beings and by stimulating action in the ecological transition. We will experience the spiral of Work that Reconnects in 4 stages through moments of contemplation, drawing or writing in nature. ​


Inspiration in forest


A hike to take your breath, to find inspiration! You will be guided through exercises that promote listening and contemplation. We will feed on beauty to make spontaneous artistic creations in the forest with the elements of nature. ​


Connect to the ground


A refreshing, sparkling and luminous blend combining art and nature. Let yourself take the opportunity to spend a wonderful day or stay at Sageterre farm in a most enchanting setting. Live the Work That Reconnects through creative exercises of connection to nature. No artistic experience required.


Mandala creation


Meditation and contemplation workshop in nature followed by a moment of collecting natural elements to make an artistic creation that form mandalas. A moment of rereading the mandala allows you to talk about yourself through your work.

Creation of a ritual theater


This series of workshops is an invitation to enter into ourselves via a bodily and creative process. That  allows us to express ourselves symbolically to walk in front of a personal issue, difficult life experience or even to underline a overcoming or accomplishment. This is the opportunity to experience a passage that brings us from one state to another.

Nature as my mirror


Exploration of inner movements through our body interacting with nature. You will be invited to contemplate a natural landscape, let yourself be touched and to intervene by a spontaneous outbursts. How nature moves me, how I move the nature? What stories these interactions tell about me, about my way of being in the world, about my connection to the environment?

Movements improvisation 


The current crises remind us of the importance to know how to improvise life, to learn how to dance with it and to adapt to the phases we are going through, individually and collectively. This introduction to improvisation through movement allows us to get to know ourselves in deeper way and to develop a sense of listening to ourselves, to others and to nature.


Meditation in motion


Let your body land, be present and resonate by letting it move with the elements of nature. We will use the basics of Qi Gong (moving meditation) as the basis for our experience. Optional dance and contemplative explorations in group or solo are also offered.




Body movement is a training to live his life in presence, listening and letting go, to promotes hatching and transformation. This workshop consist of meditation and to enter symbolically and bodily into our cocoon to find out how it nourishes us. You will then be prompted in movements bodily and that will lead you to hatch and come into contact with others in this new state.

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